So who are we?

Well, we come from just outside a small rural village in beautiful Northern Ireland, and are a family owned business living close to our farm. With talents however lying in very different creative disciplines not involving the land, and having many years under our belts with photography and owning and running a highly successful photo processing shop, (which is still going today under new ownership) we wanted to get involved in the creative world of embroidery. But commercial work was not for us. Instead, we wanted to create gifts that would last and stand the test of time.


Inspired by our children, we offer lovingly designed and embroidered gifts that bring Smiles & Joy to the person giving. and the one receiving.

Let us mix our “Magic & Sparkles” together with your message of Love  to create a truly Magical gift that will last a lifetime.

We have a wealth of creative experience to offer you, and we will ensure that your very special someone gets a lovingly crafted gift, that will be a treasure for them to keep always………