Goodbye June and welcome July, and how I welcome you with the widest open arms. Really I do. It’s all been happening here. June has been a hectic month, we’ve had the heatwave, and then came along the chicken pox for poor Bear( aka Babybear), Boo (aka Babyboo) and I had the flu, and then there is the crawling. True ebbs and flows.

So let’s start with the heatwave. I absolutely love summer. The long days; the sun gleaming in the clear blue skies; the seasonal fruits and veg; the warmth in the air. I could go on about my love for this season. Now whilst I enjoy the heat, it’s a restless time for the babies. Bear is accustomed to our British on-off summer, however for Boo it was her first dose of the heat. Having always been conscious of not over-heating Boo, I was a little anxious of this heatwave, but with a few simple actions we managed to keep her cool and collected.

There isn’t much you can do in the hot weather, being outdoors is great but too much and you risk heat exhaustion. So we got out the paddling pools and jumped right in. Did I mention that we have 4 paddling pools, for some strange reason I seem to forget each year that we already have one, so I end up buying another. Whoops!


Bear absolutely loved this time, with the pool out she forgot that the indoors even existed. That didn’t bother me much, it was another way to keep her hydrated too, as apparently the skin absorbs water too.Both kids smothered in SPF sun creams enjoyed being in the fresh outdoors. Although we are of Indian heritage and have olive coloured skin, I still feel it’s important to put SPF50 on the girls. Their skin is still so delicate, and I don’t want to burn it in the heat. It;s the sun cream or being stuck indoors, and they will definitely not like the latter. I’ve tended to go for Garnier’s Amber Solaire easy peasy kids spray or Boots Kids Soltan, I just find that they spread a lot better than other brands and don’t leave too much of a stickiness after application.


Keeping the girls cool this June was quite easy, along with the pool we had tons of cool water, cooled boiled water for Boo. Offering her water or milk every 30 mins helped too, and checking that blue line on the nappies for hydration. Where would I be if those blue lines didn’t exist, because sometimes even a little bit of wetness cannot be easy to tell with nappies, only when they are ballooned up.

With everyone cooled down at the end of the heatwave, along came the chicken pox, or as Bear says “Chicken POPS”. I just love  the way she says it. Chicken pops. It all started with an outbreak at nursery. Within a few days a few little spots appeared on Bear. A day later she was covered. My poor little thing was distraught that this was happening to her.n Once I explained that mummy had them, daddy had them, nanny had them, the message sank in that she was going to be ok. That didn’t stop her from asking every single person she met “Did you have chicken pops when you were younger?”

The hardest time for Bear was not being able to cuddle or kiss her sister Boo. The amount of love Bear has for Boo is indescribable, and for her not to be able to cuddle Boo really tore her apart. It was not like I wanted to totally isolate Bear, but as Boo is under 1 years of age I was a little weary. It was inevitable that the pox germs were lurking around the house anyway because anything Bear touched was contaminated. The endless washing of blankets and clothes, I gave up after two days and accepted that if Boo was going to get them she was going to get them. 10 days later Boo had the pox. Hopefully I’m a pro at dealing with it all now, so the next week should sail by. I hope (I say praying on my knees)

As part of the Indian culture, there were some things we had to do for Bear during the chicken pox. Now when I say had we weren’t forced it was something I chose to do. I like to think of myself as a logical person, trying to put a reason behind most things, but I also have faith. I don’t impose it upon anyone it’s my belief. When it comes to the girls I don’t like to risk anything, so if there is something cultural that brings Bear calmness and quick recovery I’ll do it.

It is believed that when chicken pox arrive it is the presence of the Hindu goddess Sheetal. So with this presence in the house, no meat or alcohol should be consumed. The alcohol bit didn’t fuss us as we don’t really drink during the week. The meat part, well I thought that was going to be tough. Bear loves her chicken, egg, sausages, lamb, anything meaty really. So for me to remove that from her diet I was worried it was going to be a nightmare. But it wasn’t. Why? Thanks to Quorn and Cauldron. These brands of meat substitute foods really helped Bear (and Sunny) get through a vegetarian week. Bear didn’t even notice that she had Quorn nuggets instead of her favourite chicken version. I even  cooked some Cauldron veg sausages bangers and mash, which went down a treat.

As we survived a week without meat I’ve made a decision, that we are going to have a veggie Tuesday. I once saw a documentary on BBC1 which showed that having days with no meat was good for the body. Also my own belief is that one day without meat is not going to harm anyone. With the ever growing global population, meat supplies are dwindling down, and the more we get ourselves accustomed to other non-meat foods the better it is for us to accept, if meat was never available. A bit drastic I know, but you just never know what is around the corner. So that’s a little change in our family life. I will keep you posted on how we get on with that diet.

All germs flew out the house at then end of June and we are all on the road to fitness once again. I have topped the girls with vitamins and mimerals. I use the Boots Children’s Multivitamin Syrup which can be taken by adults too. Bear loves her “squidgy” which is in fact the Bassetts Strawberry Multivitamins. They’re like little gummy sweets and are quite tasty. In fact so tasty that I got myself the adult version.


The kids on the mend, Boo decided she was going to go for it and crawl, at 7 months. Well done Boo! A skill she has been trying to master for the last 4 weeks. I mentioned in my previous post (Weaning my Teenyweenie) tummy time really helped Boo sit up and I think the her strong back muscles have definitely played a part in her crawling. It’s lovely to see your child reach a huge milestone. You feel a sense of achievement as well because you do want them to reap all your efforts. Boo is getting faster at crawling by the day so we have had to put the guards up and create a little safe haven for her.

We purchased the BabyDan playpen for when Bear was mobile. It’s serving us well as we speak. It can convert from a closed pen to a barrier. there are wall brackets you can use to keep the guard locked in place, but we don;t use them. We have somehow managed to wedge the guard between the wall and TV stand and it is definitely not going anywhere. Also once the girls are in bed, Sunny and I like to move it away from the TV so we can watch without white stripes in our view.

I have to be a little more conscious of things around the lounge, especially my laptop and charger. Boo can easily wriggle to the charger and start chomping on the wire. We have a huge coffee table tucked away to one corner which Boo loves to go towards, but I am afraid of her banging her head so I think I need to perhaps sew up a tubular cushion to put in front. The things you have to do for kids. Luckily there are no plugs or TV wires hanging around so there is no real danger to little Boo.

So all in all June was an eventful month. With Bear I don’t know where time went, I took everything in my stride. With Boo, as much as I try to stride, time it is flying away so quickly. So if July has any more lovely weather to give we are going to make the most of it. Fast!

Cooling down and the Chicken Pops